A Burger King commercial featuring the restaurant’s mascot tearing through the halls of an office building before being tackled by two men in white uniforms who call him “crazy,” is raising the ire of mental health advocates who say the commercial stirs up old stereotypes.

In the television advertisement, the King is shown breaking through a window pane as he runs through an office building only to hand a hamburger to a confused looking office worker. Two men in white lab coats chase the mascot and ultimately tackle him to the ground, calling the mascot “crazy” and “insane.” The reason: he wants to sell the extremely meaty hamburger for just $3.99.

Now the commercial is drawing the attention of mental health advocates who say the depiction is “blatantly offensive.” Representatives of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health America sent letters to Burger King asking the ad to be removed.

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Burger King officials say they meant no harm and only intended to convey “the King’s unchecked enthusiasm” for the value presented by the Steakhouse XT burger, reports The Washington Post. To read more click here.