School bullying policies are commonplace these days, but two districts are taking the approach to new heights, establishing policies to prevent teachers from victimizing each other.

The approach taken by districts in Iowa and California is built on the premise that students model adult behavior, school officials say.

In some of the 41 states where school anti-bullying laws are in place, school employees are subject to the rules. However, the moves by the Sioux City, Iowa school district and the Desert Sands Unified School District in La Quinta, Calif., to implement specific policies for staff are considered novel.

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The policies are likely to be replicated elsewhere as concerns about bullying continue to heighten, experts say.

Some parents object to the new policies because they say the efforts are consuming money which could be better used to help students.

But school staff insist it’s money well spent. A year after the Sioux City policy went into place, school officials say they’re seeing results. In a number of situations staff have come forward who may not have felt comfortable before the formal policy went into place, reports USA Today. To read more click here.