Among this year’s contenders for the influential “Time 100” list are a handful of pop culture’s most recognizable faces when it comes to disability issues.

The list of 200 candidates, released by Time Magazine earlier this month, include Temple Grandin — who has written and lectured widely on her experiences as a person with autism — and Sarah Palin, the former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor who has a son with Down syndrome and often remarks on special needs issues.

Jenny McCarthy, who came to fame as a Playboy model and actress, is also on the list of candidates for her more recent role advocating her belief that vaccines cause autism, a disorder her son has.

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Others on the list of candidates include President Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and Tiger Woods.

Currently, readers are voting online for the figures they believe are the most influential in the world in 2010. The top 100 will be revealed April 29.