Wilson Buswell’s communication abilities are largely limited to blinking and staring. Nonetheless, the 30-year-old is using his experience with cerebral palsy to teach special educators how to include those with even the most extreme needs.

Buswell is co-instructing a graduate level education course this spring at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He uses prepared PowerPoint presentations to tell students about his own experiences in school and encourages them to think of new ways to include students with seemingly limited abilities.

Despite his challenges, Buswell graduated from high school and has amassed 26 college credits. In class, Buswell is able to click through the slides and can respond to yes or no questions using his eyes — a blink means yes, a stare means no. His chief message to new teachers is to include everyone in everything.

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The graduate students in the course say Buswell’s presence is altering their perspective. “I’ve seen how capable and talented he is,” one student told The Denver Post. To read more click here.