At 21 and left with no one to care for her, Haylee Cain had no choice but to move into a nursing home. Two months and a newspaper article later, Cain who has cerebral palsy is getting a new lease on life.

Cain entered a nursing home when her grandfather could no longer provide the 24-hour care she needed. After a story was published about Cain in the Florence, Ala. newspaper, she reconnected with Donna and Judson Emens who knew Cain as a child. Soon enough, the Emens decided to bring her into their home.

Without the Emens, Cain’s prospects were not good. There is little infrastructure in Alabama to care for those like Cain who are physically limited, but mentally capable. To be eligible for a slot in a group home, she would need an IQ score below 70. Barring that, Cain likely would have spent most of her life in a nursing home.

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Cain says the institutional lifestyle at the nursing facility left her feeling depressed and hopeless after just two months.

Now, Cain is right at home with the Emens, who say they would like to adopt her, reports the (Florence, Ala.) TimesDaily. To read more click here.