A French family will likely be forced to leave their home in Canada after a federal court there ruled that immigration officials were correct to deny permanent residency to their daughter who has cerebral palsy.

David Barlagne and his family moved to Canada in 2005 so that he could start a computer software business. Barlagne says he spoke with Canadian officials prior to making the move regarding his daughter’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy, but was encouraged to come on a temporary work permit and apply for permanent residency once the family was settled.

But when the family applied for permanent residency, Barlagne’s daughter Rachel was determined to be “medically inadmissible” due to her diagnosis.

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The family brought the matter to court, arguing that they’ve established a successful business and are able to cover any extra costs that the girl’s disability might incur. Nonetheless, a judge ruled Tuesday that immigration officials were correct to deny Rachel residency since she could impose extra costs on the country’s medical system.

As a result the family will be required to leave Canada next year when Barlagne’s work visa expires.

The family has indicated they may apply to stay in the country on humanitarian grounds, reports Canwest News Service. To read more click here.