Efforts by Los Angeles school officials to shutter hundreds of special education classrooms are emblematic of a growing trend, critics say, of cost cutting at the expense of students with disabilities.

The Los Angeles Unified School District is planning to close the West Valley Special Education Center, a school dedicated to special education, as well as 200 classes for students with disabilities in other parts of the sprawling district.

The move comes as the nation’s second largest school district struggles to trim millions from its budget. Special education services went over-budget this school year by $628 million, making the program a prime target for number crunchers. Despite the cuts, however, school officials insist that students with disabilities will continue to receive the services they’re entitled to.

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Parents and advocates are fighting back and even actor Ed Asner, whose grandson is in special education, is speaking out against the cuts.

But in many ways, these parents seem to be fighting a growing tide, as advocates and attorneys say cost increasingly dictates student outcomes.

“When you fund some of the special ed things, you’re taking from regular kids,” Los Angeles schools’ superintendent Ramon C. Cortines told the Los Angeles Times. To read more click here.