Families of children with cerebral palsy are traveling to countries as far away as China, Brazil and India for stem cell treatments they hope will be life-altering.

Stem cell injections are not available in the United States. While researchers are optimistic that stem cell treatments will help people experiencing a variety of medical conditions, there is little evidence to go on currently. Nonetheless, some who have received the treatment are reporting great success, leading other families to take the leap.

Traveling to China was worthwhile for Kara Anderson, 9, her parents say. Doctors said the Chicago-area resident with cerebral palsy would likely be bound to a wheelchair due to muscle impairments in her legs. But after two stem cell injections given in January in China, Anderson is able to limp and walk for periods of time on a treadmill.

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U.S. doctors caution not to read too much into the success of those like Anderson since the effects of cerebral palsy can improve or decline over time, reports The Washington Post. To read more click here.