A Chicago family is returning their son’s high school diploma and sending him back to school at age 21 because they say his special education program was subpar.

Abraham Esquivel’s family says he has emotional and learning disabilities and functions at the level of a 10-year-old. They cannot understand how their son earned passing grades in classes ranging from psychology to chemistry since he was absent frequently and students were often seen sleeping or wandering around when they visited his school. What’s more, he hasn’t had homework since 2008.

Even Esquivel himself says he didn’t deserve the grades he received.

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Dissatisfied, the family returned Esquivel’s diploma to Chicago Public Schools along with a letter indicating that they don’t believe he was ready to graduate. Now, Esquivel is headed back to school where he’s legally entitled to receive services until he’s 22.

Meanwhile, school district officials insist that “no student receives special treatment,” reports CBS 2 Chicago. To read more click here.