A Texas mom is embroiled in a dispute with her neighbors over a gate she installed in front of her home to keep her son with autism from wandering.

Christa Colquhoun put a small white picket gate on her front porch to keep Luke, 5, from bolting into the street. Before installing the gate she submitted an application with her homeowners’ association detailing the alteration to her home and the reasons for the change. Colquhoun waited 30 days for a response — per the HOA’s regulations — and after 60 days without a reply proceeded to install the gate.

But now, Colquhoun says she’s being bullied by her neighbors and the HOA, which is asking for $600 in fines and the removal of the gate. The association even warned Colquhoun that they could foreclose on her home if she doesn’t comply.

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“It’s not neon purple. It doesn’t have crazy colors. All I have is a gate to protect my son and I’m being bullied by neighbors and by HOA,” Colquhoun told KENS 5, the San Antonio CBS affiliate.