A Florida woman will get to stay in her home after a federal court ordered the state this week to lift a requirement that she first live in a nursing home in order to qualify for community-based care.

Michele Haddad has lived independently since a 2007 accident left her with quadriplegia. But as her needs increased, Haddad requested more services from the state of Florida. She was told she could only qualify for such services if she first spent 60 days in a nursing home.

Haddad filed suit and earlier this week a U.S. District Court sided with her, ordering Florida to provide the necessary services so that Haddad can remain in her home.

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The case garnered federal attention with the Justice Department filing a brief in May on Haddad’s behalf, arguing that she would suffer “irreparable harm” if she had to move to a nursing home in order to obtain services. The brief was one of a handful federal officials filed in cases across the country in support of enhanced community living options.