Burnt out from contentious dealings with school districts, parents from across the country are moving to Madison, Wis. and other cities with disability-friendly public schools.

In Madison, the draw is a school system where inclusion is the norm. Nearly 90 percent of elementary school students with disabilities are fully included while 63 percent of special education students in high school attend general education classes full-time.

Parents report moving from as far away as Tennessee in hopes of securing better opportunities for their kids with autism and other disabilities. In addition to Madison, experts say families are also seeking out schools in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., and Clark County, Nev.

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A big reason behind the successful inclusion program in Madison is a supportive school board that recognizes the cost savings of inclusion and the benefits it brings to students with and without disabilities.

But even in the most ideal situations, there are potential hitches. Pressure for more honors classes, an increase in the number of poor students and budget cuts all threaten to undermine the success many families have experienced in Madison, but parents say they’re hopeful that a sense of unity will remain, reports The New York Times. To read more click here.