Increasingly young adults are sticking with their pediatricians for the long haul and for those with special needs the trend is even more noticeable, doctors say.

For some, the comfort of their longtime doctor is too much to give up during the transition to adulthood. However, for patients with developmental disabilities, finding an internist equipped to handle unique, lifelong needs can be a challenge.

One pediatrician who called the special needs population “the group we struggle with most” said he is still seeing a 37-year-old patient with Down syndrome. Reasons vary depending on the individual, but difficulty with change can make a transition to a grown-up doctor difficult for those with disabilities.

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A new class of physicians is starting to ease the problem for some. Known as med-peds, doctors with specialties in both internal medicine and pediatrics are emerging as a group well positioned to transition young adults to a more mature medical experience.

In the meantime, however, many pediatricians are working to make accommodations. Separate waiting rooms and specialized staff at some pediatrics practices are making the visit to the doctor more comfortable for a wide range of age groups, reports The Wall Street Journal. To read more click here.