A British program designed to give people with disabilities more choice over the type of care they receive has opened the door for taxpayer funded lap dances and sessions with prostitutes.

Under a relatively new social services program, those with disabilities in Britain receive money to pay for their needs directly rather than having the services provided by the government. In most cases such funds are used for the basics like assistance with dressing, showering or cleaning.

But in some instances, the money is going to meet other types of needs, paying for internet dating services, lap dances and, in at least one case, a trip to Amsterdam for one young man to visit a sex worker.

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In many localities, officials say they don’t restrict how the funds can be used with one exception — illegal activities are prohibited.

Disability advocates in Britain are split on the issue, with some arguing that sex is a basic human right that should not be limited for a person with a disability. Meanwhile, taxpayer advocates are questioning why social services funds are needed for such uses, reports the (London) Telegraph. To read more click here.