As autism awareness increases, so too does the number of states requiring insurance companies to cover treatment for the disorder, but change isn’t coming fast enough for everyone.

Currently, 23 states mandate insurance coverage of applied behavior analysis, or ABA therapy, one of the most common approaches for those with autism. And more and more are taking notice, with eight states acting on the issue this year alone. In a ninth state — New York — the governor will soon decide whether to approve a bill that already passed the legislature.

But for some parents in states slow to move on the issue, waiting for reform is taking a toll. Wendy Radcliff and Scott Finn say they ended up leaving West Virginia for Florida primarily because of the cost of ABA therapy. They were paying out of pocket for their son, Max, to receive the treatment at a cost of up to $1,000 a week.

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Despite misgivings about leaving Radcliff’s home state, the couple said they are relieved that the financial pressure is off. What’s more they say their son has access to many more qualified providers by living in a state where insurance companies will pick up the tab, reports CNN. To read more click here.