Staff at a Kentucky group home abandoned a resident at an area hospital this week for no apparent reason, calling into question oversight of homes funded by Medicaid.

Michael Knue was not feeling sick or suffering from an injury. Nonetheless, he was left in his wheelchair in the emergency room at the University of Kentucky Hospital earlier this week. His family says they were not informed of the situation and that they had to contact the police in order to locate Knue, who has a brain injury.

Knue’s sister said she ultimately found her brother alone in the emergency room. Knue is now a patient at the hospital because he has nowhere else to stay.

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It is unclear why Knue was left at the hospital, but a disability advocate who’s helping the family says situations like this show that oversight is lacking. Too often, staff throw their hands up when residents become challenging without meeting obligations to ensure they find a new placement, the advocate said.

State officials are now investigating the private organization that runs the group home where Knue lived, reports The (Louisville) Courier-Journal. To read more click here.