More and more handicapped parking decals are being distributed, but fraudulent uses of the passes are hard to police oftentimes leaving those truly in need with nowhere to park.

The issue came to the forefront recently in Washington, DC after a woman’s car was moved by the Secret Service in preparation for an appearance by the president. The woman had used her husband’s decal to park in a handicapped spot even though he was not with her.

In most places is it illegal to use a placard unless the person it is assigned to is present. But it is common for people to skirt such regulations, especially in cities where parking is tight.

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In many cases families will hold onto decals after a person has died. And placards are such a hot commodity that burglars have been known to target them. Studies indicate that as many as three out of four uses of handicapped placards may be inappropriate.

Even law enforcement officials say it’s tough to hold people to the rules. In order to do so an officer would have to ask a person about their disability, which can be uncomfortable. What’s more, police generally don’t enforce rules on private property such as parking lots, reports The Washington Post. To read more click here.