A Kentucky program tasked with moving hundreds of people with disabilities into the community is falling short, advocates say, having relocated just one-fifth of those it planned to.

The federally funded project started in 2008 with a goal of moving 546 people out of nursing homes by 2012. As of mid-September, just 115 people had transitioned into the community. Another 116 are in the program and are looking for housing.

Disability advocates say state officials are moving too slow and are not fully taking advantage of the federal dollars they have at their disposal.

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One problem may be that nursing home staff are reluctant to tell residents about the program. That’s according to a former facility resident with cerebral palsy who was able to move into his own apartment thanks to the government effort.

State officials say they are working to beef up participation and shorten transition times by hiring more staff, reports The Lexington Herald-Leader. To read more click here.