Years-long waiting lists for Medicaid waiver services are all too common, but in a new twist, budget constraints may force Texas officials to rescind benefits from some who now receive them.

State officials say they may have to cut over 13,000 people with disabilities from the Medicaid waiver program. Many of those expected to be affected are currently on the state’s waiting list and have yet to receive any services, but some individuals will likely be cut who already receive waiver benefits.

That’s leaving recipients of the program and their families uneasy. Audrey Cullison, for example, has severe autism and just became eligible for the Medicaid waiver in September after lingering on the waiting list for nearly nine years. Now her mother is nervous that the family could be left without assistance yet again.

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“I need that safety net, need to know [that] when I can’t take care of her anymore, there’s a place for her that’s set, that’s paid for. After nine years, I thought I didn’t have to worry about this anymore,” Cullison’s mom told The Texas Tribune. To read more click here.