An Indiana state worker is corroboratingĀ parent allegations that officials suggested homeless shelters as one option for adults with disabilities who could not be cared for at home.

The state employee who spoke to a local television station on condition of anonymity said Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration told workers that shelters were an option. Further, the agency’s discharge plan, which is provided to families of individuals who don’t qualify for services from the state or who decline the services offered, included a reference to a listing of homeless shelters.

Last month Indiana resident Becky Holladay told a committee of state legislators that a government worker recommended she could drop off her son Cameron, 22, who has multiple disabilities including autism and intellectual disability, at a shelter.

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At the time, a spokesman for the state agency which provides disability services said such a recommendation would go against their policy and that the agency had no record of anyone being referred to a shelter. Now the same spokesman continues to insist that homeless shelters were not recommended.

Nonetheless, local advocates are concerned with one calling it, “very, very disappointing that the state of Indiana would even list (homeless shelters) as a resource and an alternative to families,” reports WRTV, the Indianapolis ABC affiliate. To read more click here.