An Oregon family is at a loss after waiting more than a year for the Justice Department to look into why their son’s autism service dog can’t accompany him to school.

The issue began two years ago when Scooter Givens’ school said he could not bring his trained German shepherd, Madison, to class. The boy’s mom, Wendy Givens, insists the dog helps Scooter, 10, remain calm so that he can learn, but school district officials say the animal is unnecessary.

Now, Scooter is getting older and growing bigger, making his behaviors harder to control and modify, his family says. Recently, he ran across his school classroom to punch a fellow student. Had his service animal been there, Wendy Givens says Scooter would have been wearing a harness attached to the dog who is trained to lie still to prevent the boy from bolting in an aggressive manner.

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Last year, Disability Rights Oregon stepped in on behalf of the Givens to file a civil rights complaint with the Department of Justice, but so far the federal agency hasn’t made any decisions, reports The (Portland) Oregonian. To read more click here.