Los Angeles police are pursuing a number of suspects seen in more than 100 hours of video sexually assaulting women with severe disabilities, with some incidents likely occurring at residential care facilities.

Although the footage has not been publicly released, police describe shocking scenes in which women wearing diapers are assaulted by the men.

It is unclear where the videos were taken, but investigators believe the women ages 20 to 40 were likely living at residential care facilities when the assaults took place between 2007 and 2009. Many of the men are thought to have been employees at the centers.

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The police investigation began in March when a package containing the video footage was anonymously delivered to authorities. The case was made public last week as sketches of some of the suspects were unveiled. Since then, two men have been identified. One is already in jail for another crime involving a dependent adult. A second suspect turned himself in over the weekend.

At present investigators are also trying to track down victims of the assaults, reports The Los Angeles Times. To read more click here.