Security concerns appear to be trumping accessibility at some federal courthouses, making it tough for those with disabilities to use the very courts that enforce accessibility laws.

At one Florida courthouse, for example, an attorney who uses a wheelchair was recently prohibited from parking in the accessible spaces adjacent to the building. Instead he was forced to use a nearby lot and had to rely on a passerby to help him navigate a steep hill in between.

Meanwhile, many courthouses lack parking lots altogether and even at new facilities, the stretch from a person’s car to the door can be long and winding.

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Officials at the General Services Administration, who oversee federal properties, say that following the Oklahoma City bombing and the Sept. 11 terror attacks parking is now intentionally kept as far away from federal courthouses as possible. But they say they’re working to find a middle ground that ensures security and accessibility at the facilities, reports the Palm Beach Post. To read more click here.