The towels that fans will wave in the stands at the Super Bowl next week will support not only the players on the field, but also people with developmental disabilities.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are famous for the so-called “Terrible Towel,” a golden rag that hails from the 1970s. It’s produced by a Wisconsin company that employs roughly 50 workers with disabilities who are currently churning out hundreds of thousands of towels in preparation for the big game.

What’s more, each time the Steelers appear in the Super Bowl a Pennsylvania non-profit, which caters to nearly 1,000 individuals with disabilities, receives a financial boost as owner of the rights to the towel. In 15 years, sales of the towel and other “terrible” products have brought the Allegheny Valley School over $3 million.

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Not to be outdone, the Packers are in the process of developing their own towel ahead of the Super Bowl, which could net even more work for the towel manufacturer and its employees with special needs, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. To read more click here.