The head of an agency charged with managing money for individuals with disabilities is admitting he took $625,000, leaving many of his clients virtually penniless.

The Burien, Wash. nonprofit People Helping People of King County handled finances for nearly 600 people with disabilities who were unable to manage their own money. Social Security payments were directed to the organization, which then paid bills on behalf of the beneficiaries.

Instead, however, the agency’s business manager Charles P. Allen, siphoned money for his own benefit until the organization closed in March 2010. At that time, many clients learned that their bills had not been properly paid. In one case, a man said he was not able to get his medication because just 25 cents remained in his account.

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Now Allen is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to theft of government funds. He faces up to five years in federal prison, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. To read more click here.