Many special education students do not have adequate transition plans within their individualized education programs, or IEPs, a new analysis of the nation’s largest school district finds.

In a report looking at IEPs for 222 New York City students ages 14 and over, a special education advocacy group found that nearly half didn’t specify what type of diploma the student was aiming for.

What’s more, most IEP’s lacked individualized goals, instead featuring generic phrasing even in the section describing the student’s desired future outcome.

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The findings echo those of a similar study on transition conducted in 2007, advocates say.

“So much energy is now being directed at improving college and career readiness for more typically developing students. We want to guarantee that students with disabilities, some of our most vulnerable youth, receive the necessary time and attention to prepare them for the challenges of life after high school whatever path they choose,” said Maggie Moroff, coordinator of the ARISE Coalition, which produced the report.