Cerebral palsy keeps Hans Smith from pitching on a real field, but he embraces baseball through video games and now Smith is helping to ensure others with disabilities can do the same.

Two years ago, Smith, 24, contacted the makers of the PlayStation game “MLB: The Show” to thank them for making baseball a reality for him. Touched by his letter, the game designers at Sony invited Smith for a meeting.

The designers subsequently created a character in the game modeled after Smith and now they’ve taken their collaboration one step further.

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In the latest version of “MLB: The Show,” which will be released Tuesday, there will be a special Association for Disabled Virtual Athletes, or A.D.V.A., mode to allow gamers with disabilities maximum control.

As much as Smith loves the game, some aspects of play were too difficult, given his dexterity troubles. Now, under Smith’s guidance, the developers created alternate settings that will allow those with disabilities the same mental challenge as other game users without the physical hurdles, reports The New York Times. To read more click here.