A private school that received over $16 million in the last two years to educate students with disabilities whose needs could not be met by their public school is under investigation amid concerns about safety and questionable academics.

The Rock Creek Academy in Washington, D.C. serves 163 students from the local public school district in kindergarten through 12th grade with a variety of special needs, ranging from cerebral palsy to communication disorders and attention-deficit disorder.

Amid allegations from students that they experienced bullying, sexual harassment and a substandard education, the institution is now being investigated by city officials.

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“It shouldn’t be a school; it should be a mental institution,” one student told the D.C. City Council after describing how a boy at the school came into the women’s bathroom to peer over the stall at her.

Another student said he was repeatedly taught the same course material.

The D.C. State Superintendent of Education said her investigation into the allegations — which should wrap up within weeks — could lead to the school’s certification being revoked. If that were to happen, public school students could no longer be placed there, reports The Washington Post. To read more click here.