Officials in New Jersey are preparing to consider a plan that would put upwards of $10,000 annually in the pockets of families caring for adults with disabilities who are on the state’s waiting list for community services.

The move is an effort to alleviate some of the burden placed on families who wait as long as 10 years for services. It’s also an acknowledgment from the state that there’s likely no end in sight to the waiting lists.

Currently more than 8,000 New Jersey residents with disabilities are waiting for assistance. Under the new plan, families would be eligible for money that they could use to pay for a wide variety of needs, from attendants to accessible vehicles to recreational activities.

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Families could also pool money to establish their own group home-type setting for their loved ones, state officials said.

New Jersey officials say they need federal approval and are seeking matching funds to make the plan fiscally sound, reports The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger. To read more click here.