Disability service providers in Florida are reeling after the state’s governor imposed an immediate 15 percent funding cut, a move that could impact the availability of everything from group homes to social workers and personal care attendants.

The cuts, announced late last week, apply to state services which help an estimated 30,000 people with developmental disabilities live in the community as opposed to nursing homes. The lower funding level will be in place at least through the end of the current fiscal year on June 30.

But with funds already tight, providers say there’s no room to slash an additional 15 percent. The cuts, they say, could force some service providers to go out of business or leave clients in compromising situations, as less cash is available for critical needs like staff training.

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“It’s not like, ‘Gee, does this mean I have to skip a vacation this year?'” one advocate told the Orlando Sentinel. “Potentially, these cuts have life and death implications for these people.” To read more click here.