Students are likely to pay the price at a New York school for those with disabilities after auditors found more than $800,000 misused, much of it going to the school head’s million-dollar pay package.

The state-supported Henry Viscardi School serves students with severe disabilities, offering a swimming pool for therapy, a variety of specialists and other in-house amenities, but many of these offerings are now in question.

Last month, state officials raised red flags over $835,074 in spending, much of it going to a $1.25 million pay package for the school’s chief executive, who recently retired.

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Now, the state wants its money back. As a result, nine staffers will be cut or face fewer hours and the school’s pool and orthotic center will close.

A new school head is in place and says changes are being made to ensure better spending practices in the future. But that’s doing little to appease parents who argue that their children will pay the price for mismanagement, reports The New York Times. To read more click here.