Even as people with disabilities increasingly assume high profile positions, they’re going largely unnoticed by the public, in Britain at least.

A poll released Tuesday by a British disability advocacy group finds that 52 percent of people in that country could not name a single high profile person with a disability.

People struggled even more when asked to name a prominent person with an intellectual disability, with 99 percent unable to come up with anyone.

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“In Great Britain there are 10 million people with a disability and 1.5 million people who have (an intellectual) disability. Despite this being a sizable part of the population, the survey reveals that people with disabilities are underrepresented in the media and in public life,” said Mark Goldring, chief executive of Mencap, the group behind the poll.

Well-known people in Britain who have disabilities include the theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, and singer Susan Boyle who rose to fame on the television show “Britain’s Got Talent.”

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