A new program in Ohio will offer people with developmental disabilities the option to have remotely monitored cameras and motion sensors installed in their homes as an alternative to traditional in-person supports.

The idea is to allow individuals the opportunity to have more independence while ensuring that they are safe in their homes, state officials say. But recognizing privacy concerns, they are quick to point out that the new system will only be used in homes where all residents are on board.

The service, which will be paid for by Medicaid, is expected to be tailored to individual need. Cameras will only be placed in common areas of homes and will turn on during select times of day to ensure that activities like mealtime are successful, state officials say.

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Remote monitoring is not designed to completely replace other supports, but rather to complement them while allowing for added independence and control, supporters say. Other states that have instituted remote monitoring programs have reported significant cost savings, reports The Dayton (Ohio) Daily News. To read more click here.