Christopher Vogt is a certified master dog trainer who spends his days teaching man’s best friend to soothe and physically assist individuals with disabilities. He’s also a convicted killer.

Despite his past, officials at the Sterling Correctional Facility in Colorado say Vogt is particularly adept at working with animals and taking on the persona of those the dogs will eventually help.

He once spent months in a wheelchair to prepare a dog for its future owner. And more recently, Vogt learned to cry on command so that he could teach a dog to react to a child with autism who sheds tears when frustrated.

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So trusted is Vogt that he’s even allowed to interact with and train children who the dogs will serve.

Arthur Tucker whose son Zack, 9, has Asperger’s syndrome and recently visited the prison to learn to work with his dog, said he doesn’t worry about Vogt’s past, calling the dog trainer “wonderful.”

“He’s very attuned to Zack’s needs,” Tucker told The Denver Post. To read more click here.