The dating life of people with disabilities will be the focus of a new reality show on British television dubbed “The Undateables.”

The show — set to air next year on England’s Channel 4 — will follow people with a wide range of conditions including Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette syndrome and narcolepsy.

All of the individuals selected to participate will have disabilities that impact their ability to develop relationships, show officials said.

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“The program will chart their quest to find love in an image-obsessed world where people are too quick to make snap judgements or assumptions based on first impressions, and even consider such people to be ‘undateable,'” according to information from the television station.

A dating agency will set up show participants with potential matches, some with and without disabilities themselves.

“We want to challenge people’s perceptions about what is considered to be ‘normal,’ but ultimately this isn’t going to be a program about disability. It’s about a universal desire to find love,” said Liam Humphreys who commissioned the show for Channel 4.