A major New York nonprofit providing group homes and other programs for people with developmental disabilities is facing questions about million-dollar salaries and other unusual perks.

The Young Adult Institute Network, which receives over 95 percent of its funding from Medicaid and other government programs, paid its top two executives — brothers Joel and Philip Levy — about $1 million each in 2009, according to tax records.

What’s more, the nonprofit provided executives with luxury cars and paid for their kids to go to college. In one case, the group even helped Philip Levy’s daughter buy an apartment in New York’s Greenwich Village.

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After a newspaper reporter asked about the organization’s generous perks, both Levy brothers departed YAI in June, though officials with the group insist the two events were unrelated.

Despite the questionable spending, parents of those with disabilities praise YAI for the quality of their staff and programing.

However, those with knowledge of New York’s Medicaid program say the practices at YAI are a symptom of lax oversight from state officials, reports The New York Times. To read more click here.