A Florida mom is suing her obstetrician saying that she would have terminated her pregnancy if she’d known her son would be born with no arms and only one leg.

Ana Mejia says that her son Bryan Santana, now age 3, has difficulty doing basic things like playing with his toys or walking more than a few steps with his prosthesis. While Mejia says she loves her son and that his life has value, she insists that had she known about his disabilities prenatally she would have had an abortion.

Now Mejia is suing her obstetrician and two ultrasound facilities for failing to tell her about the child’s physical challenges despite conducting seven ultrasounds during the pregnancy. She is seeking millions to pay for her son’s medical care and compensation for her and her husband’s pain and suffering.

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An attorney for the doctor and the clinics, however, told a judge this week that the toddler’s disabilities were not caused by the medical staff and said that Mejia signed forms indicating that she understood that an ultrasound was not a guarantee of a “normal” baby, reports The Palm Beach Post. To read more click here.

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