A special education teacher will be jetting around the world this fall on CBS’s “The Amazing Race” and she says that teaching students with disabilities has prepared her for the challenge.

Jennifer Young, 26, is among the 22 contestants announced this week who will participate on season 19 of “The Amazing Race.”

The special educator from Stone Mountain, Ga. will compete alongside her brother, Justin Young, 31, against 10 other teams to be the first to make it through a number of mental and physical challenges across four continents. The winning team gets $1 million.

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In an interview on the reality show’s website, Jennifer Young said that her work teaching students with disabilities is her biggest accomplishment and that it has given her the skills to take on “The Amazing Race.”

“Teaching special education has taught me that the sky is the limit and the only stumbling block is you,” she said. “It takes a special person to teach and an extra special person to teach special education.”

The Youngs will have their work cut out for them as they attempt to travel 40,000 miles around the globe. Other contestants on the show include a pair of “Survivor” winners, two Olympians, a former NFL player and the youngest person to ever sail around the world alone.

“The Amazing Race” premieres Sept. 25 on CBS.