As more and more states hand over the administration of Medicaid benefits to private companies through so-called “managed care,” people with disabilities are encountering problems.

Managed care is designed to save states money through contracts with private insurers to administer HMO-style health plans for Medicaid recipients.

But as Illinois and New Jersey switch to the new approach, beneficiaries with developmental disabilities are finding that going to the doctor now involves additional hurdles.

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Caregivers indicate that many doctors they’ve had relationships with for years are no longer willing to accept the new Medicaid programs. What’s more, some say that the physicians they can get an appointment with are often inexperienced with treating people with disabilities.

Disability advocates say they understand the cost concerns that are driving the switch to managed care, but worry that quality could be at stake, reports the Chicago Tribune and the (Cherry Hill, N.J.) Courier-Post. To read more click here and here.