A jury awarded a Florida mom $4.5 million after she sued her doctor saying she would have terminated her pregnancy if she’d known her son would be born with no arms and only one leg.

On Friday, jurors found Ana Mejia’s obstetrician and technicians at two ultrasound facilities responsible for failing to tell Mejia about her son’s disabilities despite undergoing seven ultrasounds during pregnancy.

Accordingly, the jury awarded Mejia and the child’s father, Rodolfo Santana, $4.5 million, half of what they said would be needed to pay for their son’s lifelong care.

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During the trial, Mejia said that she loves her son, Bryan Santana, now age 3, and that his life has value, but that she would have had an abortion if she had known about his disabilities prenatally, reports The Palm Beach Post. To read more click here.