An Illinois doctor who advocates alternative autism treatments including chelation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy is facing a state investigation for using the unproven methods.

In a complaint this week from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, state officials said that Anjum Usman exhibited an “extreme departure from rational medical judgment” in using the nontraditional methods to treat patients with autism spectrum disorder.

The complaint centers on Usman’s handling of one boy with autism whom she urged to take numerous dietary supplements, chelation and antifungal drugs as well as oxygen treatments in addition to using other alternative approaches.

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State officials say that none of the therapies Usman advised have been “proven to influence the course of autism” but that the doctor made statements to the boy’s mother indicating otherwise. Authorities are asking that Usman’s medical license be rescinded, suspended or that other disciplinary action be taken, reports the Chicago Tribune. To read more click here.