When a devoted Superman fan with an intellectual disability found his memorabilia collection was stolen, it took a few real-life superheroes to make things right again.

Earlier this fall, Mike Meyer’s Superman collection was stolen by a man that Meyer, 48, thought was his friend.

Soon enough, a band of Superman fanatics from across the nation came to the rescue, sending 200 pounds worth of memorabilia to replace the Granite City, Ill. man’s collection. What’s more, the owners of an Ohio comic book store offered up the icing on the cake — a trip to see the Cleveland home where Superman creator Jerry Siegel once lived.

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This week Meyer got to make his own sketch of Superman in the very room where the actual comic was penned.

Meyer’s own story got a happy ending too. The man who stole from him was arrested and many of Meyer’s collectibles were returned. In turn, Meyer donated the numerous Superman items fans sent to the Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, reports The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer. To read more click here.