When Maryland parents requested services for their children with developmental disabilities, they heard a familiar refrain: there’s no money. But it turns out the state had millions in untapped funds.

Maryland officials recently acknowledged more than $34 million intended to support people with disabilities went unused over the last two years and much of the money is now unrecoverable after being restored to the state’s general fund.

The extra money was discovered during the summer and new management is now in place at the state Developmental Disabilities Administration. They say it’s unclear why the funds went unspent.

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Agency officials were able to place $8.8 million from the unused funds into their 2012 budget and an investigation is underway. However, the remaining money may be forfeited permanently.

“We were all appalled this happened, especially while we have waiting lists,” the new agency head told The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital. To read more click here.