A Minnesota man recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest with Down syndrome has died at age 83.

Bert Holbrook was identified as the world’s oldest man with Down syndrome in November 2008. The Waseca, Minn. resident died on Wednesday of natural causes, a caregiver told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Those who knew Holbrook attributed his long life to good genes. They told the Star Tribune that Holbrook, who outlived his parents and his sister, was a “charismatic” man with a constant smile on his face.

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Many with Down syndrome have heart problems and other health conditions. Until recently it was rare for those with the chromosomal disorder to reach old age.

While Holbrook was the oldest man with Down syndrome, at least one woman had him beat. Joyce Greenman, 87, of England holds the Guinness record for being the world’s oldest woman living with the developmental disability.

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