As the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments this week on the merits of the nation’s health care reform law, some with disabilities have a lot at stake.

For one California family, changes that have already taken place since the law was passed two years ago have been a huge relief. Julie Walters and Matt McManus say that the elimination of lifetime limits on insurance policies makes all the difference for their 18-month-old daughter, Violet.

The toddler has frequent seizures and between medication, hospitalizations and the oxygen that must accompany Violet at all times, the couple feared that their daughter would use up her $5 million coverage limit before she turned 5.

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Their worries dissipated when health care reform eliminated lifetime limits, ensuring that Violet would not be kicked off of her insurance policy because of high health care costs. That could change, however, depending on how the high court rules. And that’s leaving Violet’s parents on edge.

“I’m really scared, like I-can’t-sleep scared,” Walters told CNN. To read more click here.