A Los Angeles company is looking to offer software testing at rates competitive with firms in other countries. The kicker — they want to employ people with disabilities to make it happen.

The company called Square One is looking to pay people with autism — who often have an affinity for detail — $15 to $20 per hour to test software for major corporations. American companies typically pay $25 per hour for the same work in India and other developing countries.

Chad Hahn, co-founder of Square One, says the concept is a win-win since people with autism often have few employment options. His company will offer a supportive environment where employees may receive assistance from a counselor, have access to a quiet room or other accommodations, he says.

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The concept is not entirely new. A handful of companies around the globe have popped up in recent years designed to put people with autism to work in the software testing industry, but most of the initiatives are subsidized or rely on the nonprofit model.

Hahn, however, is hoping to function as a for-profit and says he already has interest from major corporations like Warner Bros. and LegalZoom, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. To read more click here.