Social skills don’t come naturally to Christopher Webster who has Asperger’s syndrome, but offering free hugs to strangers is helping the San Antonio man come out of his shell.

Nearly every Saturday for six years and counting, Webster, 27, has parked himself in downtown San Antonio bearing a cardboard sign that simply reads “free hugs.”

Passersby from all walks of life have taken Webster up on his offer. He estimates that he gives an average of 22 hugs each Saturday.

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Aside from bringing happiness to strangers, those who know Webster say his weekly hug routine has allowed the man who also has bipolar disorder to open up. Once described as withdrawn, Webster now takes college courses.

“It was stepping out of my comfort zone,” Webster told the San Antonio Express-News. “Once I started, it became natural. Sometimes its boom, boom, boom; it’s mind-boggling.” To read more click here.