One major league team is floating the idea of a designated “quiet” area in their ballpark for individuals with autism and their families, but not everyone is on board.

The New York Mets asked their fans in an email survey this week how they would feel about a quiet section where the loudspeaker would be set to a lower volume and there would be no music or cheerleading.

Some fans initially responded by indicating that such an area would be “boring” and “just not baseball.”

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Team officials later clarified that they were trying to find out if interest for a quiet area extended beyond their existing autism awareness days.

The section, planned for the second deck in left field, would be intended to accommodate individuals with autism who may be uncomfortable with the noise at a ballgame. If the Mets move forward with the plan, tickets in the quiet section would go for $20 to $78 each, reports WFAN, the CBS affiliate in New York. To read more click here.