As an increasing number of states require health insurers to cover autism therapy, some families are leaving communities that don’t offer such coverage in search of greener pastures.

In Utah where no insurance mandate exists, families have crossed state lines for Colorado and fled as far away as New York and Missouri.

While moving was drastic for Brian and Anne Eliason who separated from their family and friends, the couple say relocating to the Denver area was worth it. In April alone the family’s health insurer spent $3,534 on speech, occupational and behavior therapy for their son, Isaac, money that they would have had to come up with on their own if they still lived in Utah.

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Some advocates warn, however, that families should consider more than an autism insurance mandate before making a move. They caution that insurance requirements vary from state to state and there are other factors such as special education funding and Medicaid services that will make a difference for those with autism long-term, reports The Salt Lake Tribune. To read more click here.