A 19-year-old with Down syndrome whose plight to play high school sports made national news will be allowed to compete after being granted a waiver.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association said Thursday that Eric Dompierre will be able to participate in high school athletics this year.

Under state rules, students who turn 19 prior to Sept. 1 are ineligible for school sports meaning that Dompierre would be disqualified since his birthday was in January. A senior this year, Dompierre has played football and basketball for his high school and wished to continue.

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Earlier this year, after a petition spearheaded by Dompierre and his father drew national attention, the family was able to convince Michigan officials to allow students with disabilities to obtain waivers in certain cases — something that several other states allow.

“We’re… very thankful to those people across Michigan and the nation who stepped forward to sign our petition, write letters and/or spread the word in support of these young people,” Dompierre’s father, Dean, told the Detroit Free Press. To read more click here.